Report on AAJA’s work on ensuring responsible coverage of the Atlanta shootings and anti-AAPI racism

Guiding news coverage of Atlanta shootings

As reporters rushed to the scene of the Atlanta shootings, our MediaWatch committee wanted to give newsrooms as many resources as possible to responsibly and accurately cover the news. With the help of our members’ expertise, we released these guides to aid journalists in this work:

Pushing newsrooms to empower their AAPI journalists

When some of our members raised their hands to cover the Atlanta shootings, their journalistic integrity was questioned because of their AAPI identity. At the same time, some of our members who are the only AAPI, or one of a handful of AAPIs, in their newsrooms faced the daunting and unfair task of speaking up for all AAPIs in the face of breaking news coverage. Their experiences highlighted the consequences of the persistent underrepresentation of AAPIs in newsrooms, especially in news leadership.

Ensuring proper representation in commentary

We were disappointed to see that Meet the Press did not feature AAPI voices to discuss the Atlanta shootings and anti-AAPI racism on its Sunday, March 21 broadcast.

Thank you to our volunteers

None of this work would have been possible without our MediaWatch committee, which we are now looking to expand. MediaWatch’s primary goal is to hold news organizations accountable to the highest standards of fair and accurate coverage of the AAPI community. This committee works primarily through Slack to produce guidance for properly covering AAPI communities and flag problematic coverage.



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