A message from AAJA Senior Vice President Nicole Dungca, Vice President of Civic Engagement Julia B. Chan and Vice President of Communications Shirley Qiu

It’s been a grueling month, mentally and emotionally, for many of us. We have been shaken by the horrifying shootings in Atlanta and other acts of violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities across the country. But we’ve continued to band strongly together as we push for fair and accurate coverage.

We are so grateful to our members for doing this tireless work in their newsrooms and beyond. As we reflect on the past month…

Goodbye, 2020

Journalistic Works, Podcasts, Documentaries, Books, and Newsletters/Zines

#AAJAFamily, as we close out the year, we wanted to shout out and share with you some of our favorite new AAPI media we’ve discovered in 2020.

Our lists of journalistic works, podcasts, documentaries, books, and newsletters/zines created by AAJA members and AAPI creators are by no means comprehensive (and in no particular order).

We hope these lists encourage you to share what you’ve created this year. Please feel free to bring to our radar any awesome things that you’ve been working on.

*This is an AAJA member or supporter

10 Works Essential to 2020 by AAJA Members

  1. “How the Pandemic Defeated America” by Ed Yong — The…

By Yvonne Leow, AAJA VP for Journalism Programs

It was 2:30AM. No one wanted to be on a programming call the morning of the AAJA convention, but we all knew we had to. Listening in, I could hear every breath tinged with exhaustion, every sentence punctuated with exasperation. Some had just stepped off a plane hours before, others had been working all day, and I couldn’t help but wonder: why are we even doing this?

A few days later at AAJA’s convention gala, our national president Paul Cheung made it clear. Standing on stage, he said: “We’ll be here whenever you need us to be, and just know…

Asian American Journalists Association

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